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This picture made my heart so happy

Cotton candy colored sunset #latergram

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Day 2 at Anime Expo with my love, little sister Jasmine, and Spencer (not pictured lol)! Day 1 was a fail because we waited 4 hours in 95 deg LA heat just to pick up our (one day) passes. The lady was nice enough to change our passes to Fri, so we went back bright and early the next day.

I had so much fun geeking out over all of the awesome cosplay I saw! Definitely going to put more thought and effort into my cosplay next year :) and also I will definitely take more pictures! Regretting it now, haha.

A few people took some pics with me, but I didn’t get any contact info. If you by any chance have a pic with me, tag me please! @joeybean on here and IG!

Excited for next year.. We’re going to try and buy premier passes this time! Also bring more money to buy stuff lol I’ll post a pic with all of our loot soon :3


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Trying to get in was crazy yesterday! 61k people. #animeexpo2014 #ax (at Ax Anime Expo 2014)

Why is my little sister not so little anymore?! 😭 took her to her first Anime Expo 😄 #animeexpo #ax #ax2014 #animeexpo2014 #fionnaandcake #adventuretime #otaku (at Ax Anime Expo 2014)


Ryoka Yuzuki and Ami Koshimizu (the VAs for Ryuko and Satsuki) went to a panel dressed as their characters.